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Sky Sleeper, First Class design for Japan Airlines. 1998-2001. The seat provides a new aesthetic approach to the creation of personal space on a commercial aircraft. Its full, three-dimensional form cocoons the passenger, creating a micro-environment that defines a high level of psychological and physiological comfort. The seat is an anatomically sculpted assembly of hard and soft elements, the form of which has been arrived at by the body in its upright, recumbent and fully reclined positions. The negative forms at the back of the seats are therefore derived from the interlocution of body forms the need to arrive at an efficient cabin configuration that affords the passenger maximum ownership of space. The seat won the Japan’s ‘G’ Mark federal prize in 2002 and was exhibited at the Roosevelt Centre, New York, in 2003, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Wright brother’s first successful manned flight.

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