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Crystal Aerospace

Crystal Aerospace conceptual advanced automative concept for SWAROSVKI Optical Laboratories. 2006. Since I can first remember the shape of the cars developed from the trans-Australia Solar Car Race have fascinated me.
This a world where nature and technology fuse with mans ambition to achieve ultimate performance levels and create a true sense of a sustainable future for us .
The forms that have evolved from this particular science embody logic and beauty and stimulate visionary dreams of lighter structures, advanced materials innovation, ecologically harmonised transportation systems and a life of silence and clean air.
Such scientifically engineered entities are art forms of the highest order, and now that we have entered the 3rd Millennium with all our collective hopes and fears, they for me symbolise the potential of man’s creative thinking and help us refocus our collective ambition.
Instinctively I present this as a concept which converges the intelligence of solar innovation with the optical, scientific arm of Swarovski in order to investigate the potential of using crystal to amplify light.
Polycrystalline Photovoltaic cells embody the word ‘crystal’ in their original definition so the legitimacy of their correspondence in this project to evaluate discovery and performance is the key to my work in this field.

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