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KEF Muon

Sculptural loudspeaker for KEF, 2007. The aim with the creation of Muon was to marry a sensual yet logical organic form to state-of-the-art audio technology. Ross Lovegrove is a visionary, materials-led, industrial designer. His career has been galvanised by the form-inspiring and poetic qualities of materials and manufacturing processes – what is unique about his work, is his holistic approach to design – his aim is always to create objects in which functional and ergonomic refinement are united with deep emotional magnetism.The result of this collaboration with KEF is a speaker which holds a seductive, curvaceous form, inspired by the abstract sculptures of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, yet boasting a technology- driven acoustic design that has managed to establish a major benchmark in clarity. As KEF’s senior Acoustic Engineer, Andrew Watson states ‘we wanted to take our technology to the limit and then develop some more on the way.’ The upshot is an unparalleled loudspeaker that will bring to serious audiophiles as well as music lover’s sound quality that defies belief - a product that is spectacular and which is able to imbue the perfect synthesis of art and science.