The launch of MUO wireless speaker for KEF

During the London Design Festival 2015, Ross Lovegrove launched his wireless Bluetooth speaker for KEF. 

Under Lovegrove’s design direction, the MUO wireless speaker inherits its sculptural aesthetic from the unique visual style of the Muon, making MUO the only sub-£300 contemporary audio product to draw its design language directly from a high-end luxury product.

KEF engineers worked with Lovegrove to create an extremely strong molded internal enclosure to house MUO’s innovative drivers, high-performance digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) and other internal components. These are encased in a stunningly designed and acoustically inert outer shell of extruded aluminium, with soft rubber feet optimally positioned for MUO to be sat at exactly the right angle for desktop use.

Using premium materials throughout, this high-quality structure effectively eliminates unwanted cabinet vibration – so all you hear is the rich, natural and breathtakingly detailed output of KEF’s innovative drivers, and the wide, intricate soundstage they create.

MUO’s internal design features KEF’s high standards of acoustic engineering, designed to ensure the best possible level of sound reproduction at the price. 

MUO also boasts advanced functionality. You can synchronise a pair of MUOs, to stream superb stereo sound via Bluetooth aptX. 

MUO also comes with an internal sensor that automatically optimises its output to suit its orientation. So, whether you place MUO upright or horizontally, inside or outside your home, the unit automatically delivers the same outstanding acoustic depth and definition.

The MUO’s distinctive contours are complemented by five finishes: Horizon Gold, Storm Grey, Light Silver, Neptune Blue and Sunset Orange.