Solar Tree 2nd Generation has progressed to become a family of modular solutions.

Different post heights, and two different heads: these are the structural features to use to put together various configurations to accommodate the needs of urban areas, with solutions that are not only functional but also interactive and energy-smart, to promote a new sustainable and social dimension for the city and for mankind. Two optical solutions affording optimised efficiency and light emission quality to suit the lighting requirements on various scales, from street lighting to urban social lighting, can be fitted on posts of various heights and combined together to achieve increasingly flexible light performance levels to accommodate an array of lighting requirements. The larger-sized head can also be fitted with photovoltaic panels at the top, and both can be integrated with high-tech tools to allow measurement of various control parameters and open data exchange with multiple applications.

Solar tree 2.0 has become a smart, latest-generation platform capable of establishing a personal connection with individual users or with smart and “SENSEable” city networks.