A new staircase

A new advanced composite staircase 12 m high based on a two part organic stair module with a unique form of handrail integration and mutated skeletal DNA detailing.


SystemX LED version S launched in Tokyo

A new family of SystemX LED  by Yamagiwa was launched in the beginning of March at the lighting fair in Tokyo. Visitors had the opportunity to view the SystemX LED version S for the first time when it was presented along with the previously revealed versions L and M.

SystemX LED series has now expanded into three sizes by changing the light source from the fluorescent to LED. Having ‘the light as a life-form’ as a theme, the series was developed as if going back to the evolution of life.

Much like a light form from the Big Bang, The systemX LED version S was developed as the division and growth of cells are repeatedly found in the process of evolution, based on the concept of ‘the first ever created life-form = light’.

Pursuing a myriad of directional exploration and configuration, a three-dimensional Y shaped triangle is made as a unit drawing inspiration from the X and Y chromosomes and also the structure of DNA.

ライティング・フェア2015Y12 ライティング・フェア2015Y13 ライティング・フェア2015Y05 ライティング・フェア2015Y03