Ross Lovegrove exhibition -CONVERGENCE- at Centre Pompidou

Under the name “Convergence” the exhibition of Ross Lovegrove’s work at the Centre Pompidou looks at his sustainability-centred convergence of design, nature and art.

The exposition will be open until the 3rd of July, after receiving a great acceptance from the public breaking record numbers at the centre on its first opening week.

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Ross Lovegrove x LG Display at Euroluce 2017 in Milan

Ross Lovegrove has presented his last work for LG Display at Euroluce at Salone del Mobile Milano 2017. The designer exhibited two concepts with OLED technology inspired in underwater marine life, creating patterns and shapes that remind organic living species.

The concept “Medusa” aims to be a modular design, “I am trying to think with LG Display in a modular way so that the product has an extended future, I make a module, which is very economical to make, but then you multiply that and you can make huge installations” he said.


The “Pyrosome” concept tries to engage audiences interested in the luxury of technology, giving life and dynamism to the OLED technology, “I chosed to partner with LG Display to explore the benefits of OLED lighting, which creates illumination across a surface rather than from a point”, he added.

Pyrosome with Ross 02 (1) Pyrosome

Ross Lovegrove announces collaboration with LG Display at WAF 2016

Ross Lovegrove presented during this year’s World Architecture Festival in Berlin his plans and ambitions to create new OLED lighting designs for LG Display.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an organic material-based surface light source. It’s flexibility, ultra-thinness and lightness opens the possibility to create unique and innovative solutions in lighting design. Lovegrove said that he’ll be actively engaged in the collaboration to explore the potential of LG Display’s OLED light panels.

The new OLEDs will be unveiled at the lighting festival Euroluce 2017 in Milan.

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