MUO installation at the Somerset House

Thank you all for visiting Ross Lovegrove’s installation during the London Design Festival last week. It featured 100 unique anodised MUO wireless speakers for KEF, finished by Neal Feay Studio. These special edition MUOs showcased the convergence of art, design and technology, relating the story back to the original MUONs, still regarded as an industry standard.

“The launch edition has been created specifically to be shown as art of my installation at Somerset House. My studio and I have worked with Alex Rasmussen at Neal Feay in Santa Barbara, California to investigate the possibility of multi variant coloured casings that are made in small batch production runs. There are 5 batches of 20 variants resulting in 100 individual products that optimize and celebrate the use of pure aluminium and its art value in the field of volume production” – Ross Lovegrove.

Photos by John Ross

Lovegrove KEF Muo LDF 01Lovegrove KEF Muo LDF 20Lovegrove KEF Muo LDF 05