MOOT Chair in the Die Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich.

MOOT (Mood of Our Time) has entered the permanent collection of Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich.

This Carbon Fiber Chair was designed and developed in partnership with Established & Sons. It converges structural integrity, lightness and the most advanced state of the art surface qualities which can be achieved today.

Conventionally used, carbon fibre has a smooth highly finished ‘front’ surface and a rougher ‘back’, the by-product of its fabrication: a woven textile mat of fibres is placed on a form, and then impregnated with epoxy resin, which sets. Ross Lovegrove works with double surface carbon fibre, to transform the material. MOOT is designed for practical everyday use, despite the degree of skill that goes into crafting it. The complex curvature, with a cantilevered seat, turning toward the back of the chair could not be achieved using any other material and gives it strength and stability, while reflecting Lovegrove’s interest in the organic, anatomical forms that nature has evolved to achieve maximum performance for the use of the least possible material.

Die Neue Sammlung – a museum by the Free State of Bavaria – is one of the leading museums of the world. in Fact it is regarded as the world’s first design museum, founded some 100 years ago.

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