Lasvit LiquidKristal Exhibition – Milan

Last week saw the release of our new product the Lasvit LiquidKristal at Milan’s Triennale. The exhibition showcased the product in the form of a 60sqm pavilion created from 24 unique self-supporting glass laminations of LLK, Lasvit Liquid Kristal.

The LiquidKristal became the structural elements across which a tensioned roof  that acts as giant screen is placed to project contemporary digital art inspired by biophilia and growth strategies. The floor of the pavilion delivers the sense of computer hardware but the experience is in the void, capturing light and energy inviting visitors to enjoy the material itself, entering their creative minds and exiting as new creative material experience.

The response to the exhibition has been overwhelming and friends which include Konstantin Grcic, Barber Osgerby and Julia Payton-Jones director of the Serpentine Gallery have all offered their support and enthusiasm to the project.