We would like to share with you some new images of the Lasvit LiquidKristal Pavilion exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair in April 2012. The images are taken by photographer Clarence Gorton who has beautifully captured the essence of fluidity and form within the glass structure.

For more information and a video of the pavilion here is Ross giving an interview on Domusweb talking about the design behind the product.


Lasvit LiquidKristal Exhibition – Milan

Last week saw the release of our new product the Lasvit LiquidKristal at Milan’s Triennale. The exhibition showcased the product in the form of a 60sqm pavilion created from 24 unique self-supporting glass laminations of LLK, Lasvit Liquid Kristal.

The LiquidKristal became the structural elements across which a tensioned roof  that acts as giant screen is placed to project contemporary digital art inspired by biophilia and growth strategies. The floor of the pavilion delivers the sense of computer hardware but the experience is in the void, capturing light and energy inviting visitors to enjoy the material itself, entering their creative minds and exiting as new creative material experience.

The response to the exhibition has been overwhelming and friends which include Konstantin Grcic, Barber Osgerby and Julia Payton-Jones director of the Serpentine Gallery have all offered their support and enthusiasm to the project.



Ross Lovegrove at Milan Furniture Fair

Milan/April 2012 sees the release of several new projects from my studio that define how the digital industrial process can enhance the fields of Architecture,Design and Art and produce new aesthetic impact.

After more than one years research we are ready to show how this new glass moulding system can create contemporary architectural space . Our 60sqm pavilion will be show at The Triennale accompanied by a digital projection created especially for us by BIOTHING who are in our estimation exploring ways to blur and evolve the relationship between hard and soft environments.

Its almost 5 years now since the inception of my relationship with Artemide and this new collection bears witness to the investment we have made together in trying to discover new aesthetic possibilities between complex forms and light. They are the result of technological investment in new prototyping technologies that enable a very new way of approaching design but also making this design accessible through progressive high volume industrialisation. For example NEW NATURE is a column light that looks 3D printed but in fact it is made from a single complex injection mouldng that is reversed and reorientated to achieve modularity significantly reducing its price to scale ratio and producing a product with embedded inimitability.

Inside the Pavilion I am considering to show for the first time the results of our studio research into new material/structural configuration. This chair is the first of a sequence that are 3D printed in alumide and not designed but grown from an free form adaptive form sponging. It forms the nucleus of thought for my next exhibition of limited edition self generated works possibly for Art Basle Miami this coming fall. I took these shots in my studio recently amongst other projects we are working on showing the informal relationships that occur between materials and structure.