As part of Lovegrove Studio’s 2012 output, Nebula is a new lighting typology, derived from Ross’ continuing exploration of organic expression.

As a new light for Artemide,  Nebula is generated from advanced parametric scripting and created from enclosed aluminium and a theromoplastic vortex.

Nebulas undulating surface acts as a diffuser, dispersing light from a ring of embedded LEDs located in its circumference. This diffusion accentuates the glowing light phenomena and enhances its organic typology.

Nebula is launched as part of Artemide’s 2012 collection and was showcased at the 2012 Frankfurt Light and Build and Milan Design Week.

The studio is currently looking into the scaling of Nebula, both micro and macro.



Solar Tree in St John’s Square

Here are some of our favourite photographs of the Solar Tree in St John’s Square during Clerkenwell Design Week. Also, click here to see an interview with Ross on Bloomberg television about the Solar Tree and its future within our cities.

Photographs By Ashley Bingham


Solar Tree – Clerkenwell Design Week


Organic form, renewable energy and the future of street lighting, Ross Lovegrove’s ‘Solar Tree’ is making its way to London for the summer of 2012.

Manufactured by Italian lighting brand Artemide and designed by Ross Lovegrove, the ‘Solar Tree’ is a beacon of light for renewable energy and its future within our urban landscape.

Having travelled the world, the Solar Tree displays its iconic and organic design language alongside its technologically advanced methodology to the places and people it encounters.

The Solar Tree will be unveiled at the Clerkenwell Design week, opening on 22nd May – 24th May. Situated in St John’s Square, at the very heart London’s design district, the Solar Tree will remain in London throughout the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic games until late September.

Visitors will be able to sit and enjoy its structure from day till night, as the 20 green stems and  LED lit solar pad’s gently glow to illuminate the night.

The Solar Tree has an embedded artificial intelligence controlling its energy and light. The LED lights are switched on automatically when night falls and the A.I. balances the light intensity, depending on the batteries energy level and the natural night-light conditions.

The Solar Tree has been developed to work “off grid”, as well as being connected to the ‘grid’ to feedback excess energy. In an “off grid” situation, the solar tree has an energy independency to expel light for 3 days.

Lovegrove Studio is delighted the Solar Tree is in London for this historic summer. We hope it continues to inspire and challenge our perceptions of function, beauty and environmental attentiveness within our cities.