Product Designer of the Year – FX Awards

Last week Ross was presented with the award for ‘Product Designer of the Year’ from FX magazine. Hosted at the Grosvenor Hotel in Mayfair, the glamourous event showcased the best in interior and product design talent from 2012.


Future Primitivism/Instinctive Overide -Interieur Biennale

For the 23rd edition of the prestigious Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Ross Lovegrove has been invited to conceive a project room in which to present a car concept.

Seven worldwide renown designers, architects, and artists will be challenged on this exhibition, titled Future Primitives, opening on October 20th. For this occasion, Ross Lovegrove is projecting a remarkable video created by Biothing onto an innovative, Genesis vehicle form, named Future Primitivism/Instinctive Overide, presented as a moving shape: to realize such an advanced vehicle, the British designer has collaborated with an Italian engineer laboratory that consults with NASA and therefore has gained a major experience in reflecting about the shape and technology behind the means of transport.

In the video the car shape, the air and space around it, and its light reflections are so unified that they become indistinguishable for human beings. This unconventional and forward-looking project is realized following a diverse path in respect of engineering a vehicle.

In the words of the designer: “Future Primitivsm/ Instinctive Overide represents a soft slow silent walk to view an object through the evolutionary spirit of mankind and its knowledge passed down through intuition and factors that seem more religious than mathematical.”

Photographs by Simona Cupoli



Visit to Curvature Group

James Lilley of Curvature Group who has worked closely with Lovegrove Studio over the years on projects from telephones to transportation next to The New Lovegrove Carbon Fibre Table currently undergoing final high precision analysis and completion.

The Virgin Galactic full size replica built by Curvature Group , faithfully reproduced and beautifully finished , a joy to experience and know that such skills exist here in the UK to support advanced design projects such as this.

This is the new 3.5 m moulded insert for the Lovegrove Carbon light ready for final coating and insertion.

Ross Lovegrove next to Virgin Galactics Space Ship One alongside the newly blocked out tool for his new light project under construction by Curvature…….made from 320 density pink foam , this material is very inspiring in itself and most of the Galactic Space plane replica was tooled this way.

Christoph Hermann, Head of Architecture and Matt Longbottom Head of Industrial Design at Lovegrove Studio.

Ross Lovegrove next to the pre-assembly of his new parametrically designed, advanced Carbon Fibre Table currently under development for a private Art Collector .