The Barrisol – Lovegrove Pavilion and collection of new lighting, Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk 2014

Ross Lovegrove created an installation of large volume, 3D lights within a distinctive hexagontiled reflective pavilion, made from materials and technology by the innovative French company, Barrisol. Both the pavilion and lighting collection is currently on view at Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium until the 26th of October.

The installation includes four large pieces that balance aesthetic form with subtle lighting function. Three pieces of the collection are forms of an ‘infinite loop’, they are highly volumetic, threedimensional lights, created from a perfect synergy between the stretch material, LED lighting and an aluminium framework. The final piece, Manta, forms a rhomboid, which allows for many different large modular arrangements. In this light, Barrisol foils with different intensities of stretch provide highly layered acoustic dampening and uniform lighting.

Barrisol Lovegrove Pavilion Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk October 2014 from Ross Lovegrove on Vimeo.

Ross Lovegrove for Barrisol

Last Friday Barrisol launched a new lighting collection by Ross Lovegrove at the Biennale Interieur 2014 in Kortrijk, Belgium. The lighting collection explores a 3D adaptation of Barrisol’s stretch-foil material, which is used worldwide for ceilings and walls, providing solutions in both light and acoustics as well as aesthetics and technology.

The pavilion itself, where the lighting is presented, is a 7 m high, 12 m square room externally covered in Barrisol tiles of a reflective mirrored material. The honeycomb-shape and colour of the tiles belies the soft stretch material used. Inside, the room takes on a serene white, tactile form using material with acoustic dampening properties, carefully stretched to the interior framework of the honeycomb exterior.

The installation will be open for public until the 26th of October. Biennale Interieur 2014 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Hall 5, Stand 553.

Photography by John Ross and Michael Maheux, courtesy of Barrisol

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Ross Lovegrove x Barrisol introduce a Pavilion and Lighting at Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, 17-26 October

This week Ross Lovegrove is launching a new series of 3D lighting for Barrisol, the world leading manufacturer of stretched ceilings. The new collection will be presented within a distinctive hexagon-tiled reflective pavilion, made from Barrisol’s unique mirrored material.

“Barrisol has great potential to explore organic and linear spaces. Our studio, committed to innovation and modernity, has focused on amplifying its values of acoustic dampening, reflectivity, elasticity, diffusion and lightness. This installation opens up an aesthetic territory between the deep ocean and deep space, forming a dialogue for the 21st century between aquatic biomorphism and Nasa-like intelligent systems”. Ross Lovegrove 2014

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