Ross Lovegrove on Instagram

We welcome you to Ross Lovegrove’s Instagram page EyeInMotion to follow his reflexive capturing of form in motion.

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SystemX LED version S launched in Tokyo

A new family of SystemX LED  by Yamagiwa was launched in the beginning of March at the lighting fair in Tokyo. Visitors had the opportunity to view the SystemX LED version S for the first time when it was presented along with the previously revealed versions L and M.

SystemX LED series has now expanded into three sizes by changing the light source from the fluorescent to LED. Having ‘the light as a life-form’ as a theme, the series was developed as if going back to the evolution of life.

Much like a light form from the Big Bang, The systemX LED version S was developed as the division and growth of cells are repeatedly found in the process of evolution, based on the concept of ‘the first ever created life-form = light’.

Pursuing a myriad of directional exploration and configuration, a three-dimensional Y shaped triangle is made as a unit drawing inspiration from the X and Y chromosomes and also the structure of DNA.

ライティング・フェア2015Y12 ライティング・フェア2015Y13 ライティング・フェア2015Y05 ライティング・フェア2015Y03



Lovegrove team in Carapace masks

Filippo Nasseti of MHOX generative design studio presented the Carapace masks, their latest research project on generative design, biodigital synthesis, prosthetics and customisation.