A UFO for Lille Fantastic

Commissioned by Lille 3000, Ross Lovegrove has created a new art installation hung from the rafters of Lille Flandre Station. Here the visitors and travellers gathering at the station will find on the trails a shocking surprise: a U.F.O. has just landed on the sidewalk and it is able to transport human beings from Lille to Paris in as little as 30 seconds. This unexpected machine, shaped like an organic dish, is conceived with terrestrial materials, and yet delivers an unprecedented imaginary form. Ross Lovegrove’s U.F.O. was born through a speculation on our own identity. This pure and pristine object destroys the boundaries between art and design, technology and science, spirituality and physics, nature and religion. Ross Lovegrove has realized this new vehicle following his instinct; the inhabitants of our planet do not have any clear idea on how these objects are realised, or if they even exist. Lovegrove explains his inspiration for this recently landed U(nidentified) F(lying) O(bject): “Blurry photos and obscure film footage is all we have, along with interviews from Area 51 scientists assigned to analyse propulsion systems and materials previously unknown to man. Can all these people who talk so matter of fact all be part of some broader conspiracy to act it all out? The mystery remains as a discourse between imagination and reality, people divided and derided on a subject that could be so profound and life changing for the whole of humanity if one day there will be a clear visitation to experience in the clear light of day the wonders that we are being slowly primed for.” To visit to the Lille Flandre Station can explain some about these universal mysteries through the visions of one of the most innovative designers or our time.

Photograph by Simona Cupoli